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Saturday, 11 February 2017

We end the week with Elly panicking after 'Buster Hadfield' tells her that the city hauled her car away after the snowplow clobbered it.

(Strip Number 6045, Original Publication Date, 12 February 1988)

Panel 1: Elly asks Buster that if this is his car she was shoveling out, where hers is.

Panel 2: He tells her that he remembers that they hauled a blue station wagon away from where Elly really parked an hour or so ago.

Panel 3: Elly freaks when Buster says that the snow plow musta got'er pretty good last night 'cause the whole passenger side got caved in.

Panel 4: As she takes off running to home to phone the impound lot, Buster says "Say, ma'am!! Y'fergot yer shovel!!"

Summary: I've seen this happen before after storms. I've also had it described to me in rather angry and profane terms from the perspective of the plow driver because people who fucked up like Elly did and left their car in the way of his plow were the bane of my late father's winter-time existence back when he was alive and plowing out the streets. (Also, this was a Friday strip originally. I have no idea when things are going to line up again so we'll have to deal with things looking weird for a while.)

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