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Paul Lucas (Lynn's "friend") is politically active in Atlin

The Facebook page talking about the same problem.

And another article

Here is the article. After the cut, I will quote only the parts related to Paul Lucas and comment on them.

Paul Lucas (right) walks on Pine Creek Beach. He worries that noise from a turbine would bother local people and is helping to organise a petition against it. (Philippe Morin/CBC)

Power would be sold to Yukon

The existing micro-hydro plant supplies 2.1 megawatts which supplies most of Atlin's power.

This part has no effect on Paul Lucas, who uses a truck battery to power his cabin. And yet, he is an organizer for the resistance, not just someone who is joining in.

A new plant on the beach might be of similar size and would supply power to Yukon as a revenue-building venture for the Taku River Tlingit First Nation.

The project would be on Crown land, on which the B.C. government and Taku River Tlingit have a land-use agreement which would allow hydro development.

Installing a turbine would require cutting a 30-metre wide access corridor and the installation of pipes and power lines through a residential area.

Paul Lucas, who lives in a cabin nearby, says local homeowners would suffer the effects and see no benefit. He also worries about the plant's effect on a creek he uses for water supply.

Here is Paul Lucas' problem. Atlin only has a few places where you can get fresh water and apparently Paul uses a creek off this beach for his water.

"I don't think we're against development in Atlin at all. This is a town that's been built on development. It's just this specific part of this hydro expansion project," he says.

Tlingit Homeland Energy Ltd. is also proposing to expand the hydroelectric plant further upstream, adding another three megawatts of capacity.

Lucas and other residents say they would welcome that part of the project, but not construction on the beach.

Long story short, the residents don't want the turbine to screw up their beach life and Paul Lucas is worried he won't be able to get fresh water.

Organising papers at a local coffee shop: Residents of Atlin like Paul Lucas and Carolyn Moore are trying to make their views heard by petitioning the B.C. government and the Tlingit Homeland Development Corporation. (Philippe Morin/CBC)

From this article Paul Lucas wrote a letter:

Paul Lucas on May 5, 2016 at 6:37 am

This is a perfect example of corporation, only beholden to its bottom line and with no regard for the community in which it resides, attempting to buldoze its way through a process while withholding information from the many stakeholders involved.

As laid out, this project will create a 25 metre gash along Pine Creek, right through a residential area that lines that creek, a gash that involves a penstock, access road and transmission power lines, and the heavy equipment construction, blasting and upheaval that all involves. It will severely deplete the water flow in Pine Creek, so much that the winter flow is likely to be zero.

It will eliminate the campground, alter terrain along Warm Bay road and the Arts Centre road and build a powerhouse in Atlin's favourite recreational area. But that is a corporation for you......

Reading this article makes it clear to me that Paul Lucas is more than just an occasional resident in that little cabin he built for himself in Atlin. If you are willing to go political for your water supply, then this is a place where you spend the majority of your time. Now it makes a lot more sense that Lynn Johnston talked so much about how she would be willing to move to Atlin. Her relationship with Paul Lucas is doomed if this is where he lives primarily. There is no way Lynn would be able to tolerate a one-room cabin with water coming from a creek and power coming from a truck battery. Of course, she may be thinking that once he agrees to marry her, she would then force him to move to a nicer place somewhere in the south. That worked with her first 2 husbands.


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