Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, August 27

Panel 1: Oh great, another Elly-hates-housework strip.

Panel 2: This is a classic example of a throwaway panel. Why do we need to see eyeless Elly striding purposefully with an armful of sheets?

Panel 3: Okay, is this another example of clueless John, who not only folds towels and loads the dishwasher wrong, but also plunks his ass down on the bed before Elly's finished it? Also, who are those people in the photo or painting behind him?

Panel 4: You know what would be interesting for a change? If this was the last panel, and the strip had skipped forward to John's head being in that pillowcase.

Panel 5: Well, I'll be! Elly being playful for once!

Panel 6: Are those bobby pins flying out of her hair?

Panel 7: Words cannot express my gratitude to the Lynnion who reduced Elly's butt from its normal size in this panel.

Panel 8-9: Man, they're hardly recognizable as Elly and John!

Panel 10: Uh, whatever.

Panel 11: Wow. Elly looks like a normal, non-shrewish person for a change! Now the question is, which one is going to wear the engineer uniform?

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