Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, August 23

Panel 1: Well, I suppose a bit of dramatic license is called for, since April can't be inspired by something she doesn't see. However, when you watch a procedure (and I love how she's back to her grade-school nosybody phase again: "Can I watch? Huh, huh, can I?") you don't "do exactly as you're told", because you don't DO anything at all. Dramatic license will not apply if she lifts a finger to assist, because she's not qualified. In fact, I think it's too late at this point to bring anyone in, because the vet and Laura should already be discussing what they're about to do, too preoccupied to adjust to a third person in the room.

Panel 2: See, here we go again. Why is there suddenly an opening for her? Who would have been holding the basin if April hadn't butted in? And "tummy"? Dig that medical terminology.

Panel 3: I assume this is time compression. And I love the double meaning of "puppy"! This is almost like the Far Side panels where, in one, the pilot said, "Let's get this baby off the ground," and the runway is covered with actual babies, and the other, with the control room, and an actual clown is fooling with the dials: "Hey! What's that clown think he's doing?"

Panel 4: Is that Laura? Boy, her hair really is her best feature! And what "stuff like this" has April seen "lots of times"?

Panel 5: Well, whatever. Perhaps she really is made of some pretty stern stuff. Still, the dumb-teen-thinking-"Real different from dramatized!" gag is lame. And when did April ever watch animal surgery on TV? (For that matter, why does she say "television"?) Yet another retcon: April loves animals more than life itself, even though we never see her do anything more than walk the pets, and rarely even that.

So the little twig is being bent. Next we'll get the gushing email someone else predicted. Yawn. Can we get back to Liz's Choice already?
Tags: vet

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