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Lynn on Roundhouse Radio.

The latest news item concerns a recent interview Lynn gave to a local radio station about her career.

Roundhouse Radio logo

Martin Strong interviewed Lynn this past weekend, on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver. You can listen to the interview here. Enjoy!

Do you remember waking up and checking the comic section of the paper and seeing For Better or For Worse? Lynn Johnston, writer and artist, joins Martin Strong.

Starting as a medical artist, a 20-year contract led to For Better or For Worse, a comic strip, based on her own family. She discusses how her life was used as material for her comic for 3 decades, and the effect that it had on her family.


1) Mr Strong starts the interview by asking if he can call the Patterson saga 'iconic' and Lynn says it's been called other things.

2) Lynn talks about the pre-Foob collections and is still talking up the twenty year contract.

3) We get an original complaint about transiting from panel strips to the comic strip format and then gives the standard talk about her being Elly and her nose.

4) She trots out that three-year separation in age thing again.

5) She realizes that Katie might have had a problem with being compared with Lizzie while Aaron was butch and snarky.

6) Lynn then states that she asked permission to ask for story lines and then goes back to the original Deanna story of making Aaron far less stupid, insensitive and ghoulish. Guess they've smoothed things over.

7) Lynn talks up the strips' penetration all over the Anglosphere and her stupid addiction to puns.

8) She dismissively refers to Garfield's universality before the Word festival is promoted.

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