Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Tuesday, August 15

Panel 1: "Hey, fat otter...You want what I got?" Grass grinder...wonder if she made that up herself? Anyway, horses are fairly intelligent. Ask him what's 7 + 8 and have him stomp his hoof for the answer.

Panel 2: Okay, can any horse experts help me out on this one? Would a horse recognize a combative tone and respond with a headbutt?

Panel 3: How can she lean so far forward without doing a faceplant? And could he really squeeze past her that fast? Or was it a matter of, she stepped back to nurse her sore shoulder and didn't think to close the stall, being a dumb city kid and all?

Panel 4: Ha, ha. Well, Tawny must be a she. And is that April's boob, or just shadowing? Anyway, this episode seems misplaced. I thought April spent last summer getting all in tune with horses and mastering them. But I daresay the Lynnion who wrote this one doesn't remember that, so they're pulling out the "city kid can't deal with animals" device. And like katje's icon says, what did April do to deserve so much FUGLY?
Tags: farm

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