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The Kennedy Gallery showing In North Bay:

In the latest news note, we learn that the latest stop for the "Comic Art Of Lynn Johnston" tour is North Bay itself.

Come meet Lynn at the WKP Kennedy Gallery!

On Friday, October 7th, The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston exhibit will be opening in North Bay, Ontario at 7pm at the WKP Kennedy Gallery. On Saturday October 8th, Lynn will be doing workshops and holding a book signing – more information on times will be upcoming soon. We’ll keep you posted!

For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston looks at the career of popular comic artist Lynn Johnston. Throughout her career Johnston consistently drew from her own life and personal experiences. This exhibition charts the ways that her experiences make their way into her work, culminating in an exploration of the much loved characters and stories of For Better or For Worse. For old fans and new, For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston shows selections from the comic’s 30-year history, highlighting the characters that readers know and love, and including fan responses to the comic strip.


I can readily understand this. For all she might think of Vancouver as home, Lynn is aware that the people of North Bay see her as being "their" celebrity and this is her returning in triumph. Also, she did most of the strip there and there's that to be considered. Hum. I wonder what they think of us talking about her the way we do. We can't hide behind the 'No one from North Bay ever complained' defense and have to accept the possibility that we're on some level seen as attacking their town.

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