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The new new FBorFW.com.

It would seem that someone has decided to upgrade the home page to be more compatible with the mobile devices Lynn fears. This means that we're going to be dealing with Foob: The App.

New FBorFW Website Design: Coming Soon

This week, we’ll be unveiling the redesigned FBorFW.com.

It’s been quite a while since we last made changes to the layout of Lynn’s site; this upcoming new look is designed to be more than just a facelift–the site will now be mobile-friendly, scaling down to fit your phones and small devices better.

We’re planning to do the launch this Thursday, August 4th. It may take a while (this website is really big!), so please excuse any construction dust while we finish the job–we hope you’ll like what we’ve done!

There will be some new pages and games coming – watch for another blog post, with a guide to our new features, once everything is ready.

Thanks for your patience!

And here's the info on the changed site from AloeRoot:

Hi everyone; as you’ve likely noticed, we launched our new site design yesterday.

Why The Change?

The goal was to make the site easier to read, and navigate, on mobile devices. Since so many people are browsing on their phones now, it was time to accommodate them. We kept everything as close to the old design as possible, but a refresher was necessary.

We also updated some of our games (Word Roundup and Daily Crossword), which were running on soon-to-be-abandoned Flash technology, moving them to a development platform that has a long-term future.

New Stuff!

This seemed like a gift-giving occasion, so we’ve added three new games to the site:

Jelly Collapse: we felt like adding a fun, silly game that all ages could enjoy.
Unolingo: so many of you come to the site daily to get a little mental exercise – here’s one for you. It’s like Sudoku, with letters instead of numbers. A new puzzle every day!
Hidden Object: this one is also different every day – find all the items on the list to win.
(Wake Up Your Brain)
Try our new Unolingo game!

(Growing Up All Over Again)

We also added a feature called “Growing Up All Over Again: FBorFW From 1979 to Now“. We’re aware that many people didn’t start reading the strip when it first began, so this page explains the history of the strip, which era you’re currently seeing in the newspapers (and on our site), and lists the parts of our site to read if you want more background (or want to avoid spoilers).

(Ned Tanner)

Finally, everybody’s favourite plastic plumber, Ned Tanner, now has his own section. At one point he had his own site, but he wanted to be part of the mobile-device revolution, so we moved him in with us–he takes up very little space.

Thanks for coming along for the ride! We hope you enjoy the new stuff.

You'll note that Steph didn't talk about what she removed: "Q and Eh?" It'll probably get folded into the About Lynn section at some point.

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