Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Tuesday, August 8

Panel 1: Well, he's either going to show her the Little House with the Big Yard, or Elly's going on a one-way trip to the basement. He looks so eager, too, like a guy half his age about to pull out a diamond ring.

Panel 2: They brought the dogs? And I love Elly's reaction. That's George Stibbs' house, BFD. How close to the house is that tree behind it, though? If it's in the yard, is John going to route his trains around it?

Panel 3: John pauses before he gets to the heart of the matter. "'s on three lots!" From the tilt of Elly's head, she still doesn't get it.

Panel 4: Yeah, what could Elly do? Is any of this about her?

Panel 5: John is almost doing the laugh, only without the tongue. He looks like what he is: a fanatic. His obsession is really. disturbing. When he says "build a bigger workshop", does he mean an actual separate building? Suppose Elly wanted to start a garden? Would she be allowed a small patch of land that would eventually have to be plowed over, or would she be denied even that much?

I'd say I can't wait to see Elly's response tomorrow, but it'll probably just be some bleating about "John, why would we leave this house?...Well, I like it here!" and so forth. No "Get a grip and stop with the trains already," and certainly no "What about April?".
Tags: april who?, tiny train house

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