dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Mike's perfectly understandable reaction to yet another angry lecture from his idiot mother leads to a reminder that Elly doesn't see herself as being an angry moron who stands around bellowing at people.

(Strip Number 7243, Original Publication Date, 12 July 1987)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly in mid-lecture about how she wants Mike to clean up that mess in his room NOW.

Panel 2: He rolls his eyes and mutters "Jeesh" because that's all she ever says to him. Since he's not apologizing for being born and destroying her life or ruining her by having his room reflect his personality when he owes her a sterile environment, this angers her.

Panel 3: She bellows about how she saw 'that' look on his face again. He thought-bubbles 'Oh, brother' in response.

Panel 4: She jabs his finger at him when she tells him not to roll his eyes up at her. Since he doesn't actually realize that he's doing it, he asks her what he's doing to piss her off.

Panel 5: When he asks if he can't even look at something, we realize that she doesn't realize (and refuses to realize) that he doesn't know he's rolling his eyes up at her when she bellows that he knows what she means because it's the way he looks at things that bothers her.

Panel 6: She does that stupid palms-out gesture when she moans that whenever she opens her mouth, he reacts as if he's listening to a load of horse buns.

Panel 7: Having listened to the same old martyrdom plea he has to listen to every day, he rolls his eyes and thought-bubbles 'Good grief!'

Panel 8: As she grabs onto his shirt-front in order to get in range to blacken his eyes, he explains that he can't help it because he's having an unconscious reaction to the negative stimulus of a mother who just can't stop braying about how bad her life is and how her children are trying to ruin her life.

Panel 9: She reacts to the negative stimulus of being called an angry, inflexible idiot who spends her life telling everyone in her family that nothing they can do will ever please her by rolling her eyes.

Summary: While the Lynnsight will probably blame all of her woes on her children, it's obvious that her incessant beefing and braying has lost all impact by now. After about ten years of exposure to her jabbing her finger in the air like a maniac about how cruel and selfish they are to her, it's become background noise to them.

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