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Tom Heintjes Posts his 2016 Reuben Award Pictures

Tom Heintjes Posts his 2016 Reuben Award Pictures

It took him a month, but Tom finally got around to posting his pictures and Lynn Johnston is there in abundance. I will show the pictures and talk about them after the cut.

Tom’s Caption: Lynn Johnston makes the Reuben Award presentation.
My comment: Clearly the Reuben Award people don’t have a problem with Lynn speaking if they let her be the one who actually gives this award to this year’s winner, Michael Ramirez.

Check out the dress she's wearing made up of (you guessed it) another Lynn Johnston fabric pattern. This time it's the sound effects fabric.

Tom’s Caption: Dan McConnell with some Lynn Johnston-designed fabric.
My comment: It’s a fabric with the scary faces on it, which looks a lot like the design she did for that wedding dress she drew faces on a long time back, but it's not the same design.

I had to look up Dan McConnell and I don't see any connection between him and Lynn aside from his buying her fabric product. At least Lynn got one sale.

Tom’s Caption: Lynn Johnston discusses one of her new endeavors: fabric design.
My comment: Proof that it did happen, but where is Deborah Peyton? Deborah Peyton is nowhere to be seen and the picture is wide enough where you would think she could be seen if she was there. There is a second microphone and a second chair there as if they could be used by Deborah Peyton and as if the NCS people expected her to be there. In fact Tom Heintjes titles the picture as “Johnston seminar” and does not have a single picture of Deborah Peyton anywhere in his collection. A quick check through the pictures shows me that Tom has at least one picture of every person listed in publicity as a featured speaker or award winner for the Reuben Awards except Deborah Peyton.

As for the picture, the confusing part is that Lynn is pointing at fabric that appears to be a hotel curtain. Maybe there is something else over there, but you would think she would be pointing at her fabric. There is someone in reflection looking away from Lynn, but I can't tell who it is. It's just a little odd Lynn would be giving a presentation with someone standing in front of her, but not looking at her. Maybe this is the reason Lynn is standing up and not sitting in her chair.

It occurs to me now that Deborah Peyton's absence could be the reason why Lynn failed to mention their Reuben Award speech when she was talking about the surface design show called “SURTEX” they went to in NYC.

Looking at the picture, the most confusing part by far is that Lynn does not appear to be wearing any of her fabric in her outfit.

Tom’s Caption: Lynn Johnston addresses the NCS business meeting while John Kovaleski and Ed Steckley look on from the dais.
My comment: John Kovaleski and Ed Steckley look on from the dais and they are clapping as Lynn holds the microphone, but what horrible scowls they have on their face. What could Lynn say that would cause people to clap and frown at the same time? Or maybe they are just scowling in anticipation of what she will say?

Tom’s Caption: Lynn Johnston and Jan Eliot.
My comment: Take a closer look. Lynn is sitting on a man’s lap (that hussy!) and that man is not wearing a tuxedo and he doesn’t look happy. He actually looks a little inebriated. The man appears to be Lynn’s new boyfriend, Paul Lucas, comparing the picture to the one on his website. It also appears the picture of him on his website was taken some years back. I think this pretty much confirms for us Paul Lucas’ status as the object of Lynn’s affections. She can stop calling him a friend now.

Jan Eliot seems to be taking Lynn's flirtations with Paul pretty well, but I notice that this year we don't have any pictures of Jeannie Schulz or Bunny Hoest with Lynn, and Tom does have plenty of pictures of both women.

There were a ton of pictures of the cartoonists at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, but not one of Lynn there. Looking at the pictures of the people who were there, it doesn’t seem like there would be much of an opportunity for Lynn to watch her friends draw, as she claimed during her breakfast panel. It looks like the cartoonists are surrounded by sick kids without much room for anyone else. If Lynn was there, she might have played her "I don't draw any more" card. This could be the reason why Lynn talked so much about watching other people draw when she talked about this event at that post-event LPBC Signature breakfast.


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