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Lynn's favourite author and why.

It seems that there's another in the Q and A series. When the interviewer (who I think is Web Guru Steph) asks her who her favourite author is, Lynn talks about someone who writes the same sort of historical fiction Mike thinks he writes.

As part of our ongoing Q and A series with Lynn, we asked about her favourite authors. Here’s what she had to say!

Hoooo…favourite authors. I buy books by the BAG from a local thrift shop! So it’s hard to name a single author, Steph!

Right now, I’m reading a book by Gary Jennings, called "The Journeyer". It’s wonderful historical fiction, following the life of Marco Polo. It takes you on a ribald–but believable and thoroughly well-researched–lifetime of travels through China and the Middle East. I don’t want it to end!

I love his writing. I plan to reread “Aztec”, another of Jennings’ works, next. He is a master of his craft and well worth recommending.


- Steph Van Doleweerd still seems to be part of Team Lynn.

- Lynn's new career seems to consist of sitting in her little room reading historical fiction. Ah, well. Anything that keeps her functioning is all right in my book. None of us have ever wished her harm, we just wish she'd given the strip a better ending.

- Lynn seems to value books more as physical objects she can hoard than what's actually in them.

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