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Lynn and the novel that will never be.

The latest 'Ask the Artist' thing is all about that novel Lynn vaguely alluded to wanting to write straight from the horse's arse.

As expected, it's a self-aggrandizing grab-bag of weak ideas, blithering about muses and how the characters talk to her and pleading the question via the side issue of having time and isolation enough to effectively enter the fake, stupid, no-way creative trance of turning out inferior material:

As part of our ongoing “We Asked Lynn” series of blog entries, we questioned Lynn about whether she’d ever consider writing a novel. Here’s her answer:

A novel? Sure. I even have an outline. The thing that keeps me from writing a novel is, well, the arduous task of actually writing a novel! Also, after writing the outline, I realized I’d have to do a significant amount of research on the BC railways in the 1970s. I’ve started doing that—sort of.

Another thing keeping me from writing the novel, (which has been hounding me for years) is the ending. I have the story, some intrigue, some comedy, love, tears and so on….ahhh, but without a good ending, there’s no point in putting pen to paper.

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Now, I know for a fact that a novel often “writes itself”; there is a spontaneity to it, which is almost like spirit writing. Characters often tell you things you didn’t know, and the story will sometimes take on a life of its own. The ending is sometimes changed by the muse, which takes over, and the author simply goes along for the ride! What an incredible experience that would be—something I’d give anything to enjoy. All I have to do is sit down and begin to write…and for that, I haven’t yet found the energy, the time, or the courage.

Oh, yes. I forgot to mention that she thinks she had a good ending to Foob: Liz blithely tossing away what little remained of her personality in order to please her idiot parents.

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