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The Latest (Sparky-Themed) News Note

Today's "Ask the artist" segment is, oddly enough, all about Lynn's special friendship-slash-embarrassingly sloppy school-girl crush on Charles Schulz.

We Asked Lynn: A Memorable Gift from Charles Schulz

We asked Lynn, “What was a memorable gift you received from a fellow cartoonist?”

Here’s her answer:

I was in Charles Schulz’s studio one day, as he was opening a box of paper. He was changing his drawing format for Peanuts, and this was new paper cut to the new size.

As he placed the new paper into a cabinet, he bemoaned the fact that he had a lot of the old size left. It was good quality stock, and he didn’t want to see it go to waste. I asked to see it. I measured the length, and it was almost exactly twice the length of the paper I worked on. He asked me if I’d like to have all his old paper, and I was happy to accept.

He mailed a large box to me. For a long time, I worked on Charles Schulz’s paper. When you turned one of my original drawings over, there on the back were printed the boxes in which he drew his comic strip–and the word “Peanuts” on the top left hand corner.

What a great gift!!!

Lynn’s art on paper that belonged to Charles Schulz

Ah, well. As long as it makes her happy to think she's somehow connected to Peanuts......

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