Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, July 23

Panel 1: Okay, I guess the sand is hot. The guy on the right is catching some serious air: no wonder he's losing his fries.

Panel 2: Who is that person on the left? It looks like an old woman's head on the body of a teenage guy. Cute shorts, though: they look like they're made out of a Sunday comics page!

Panel 3: Matching strides. They must have been married a long time to be so in sync. And how come all we've seen so far are unattractive/overweight people?

Panel 4: Well, okay, the guy in the foreground is sucking in his gut. But what is the silhouetted guy doing -- the frug?

Panel 5: More NBA style leaping, more lost fries, and another silhouetted guy losing his hat. May I ask if this is a region of Canada where sandals are outlawed?

Panel 6: Why are April and the gang hanging out at Fogey Beach?

Panel 7: Looks like April's having a tall day. And Gerald has appointed himself leader, as usual.

Panel 8: Again I say, EVER HEAR OF SANDALS?!

Panel 9: "Beach Sand Boogie". Was Annette Funicello in that? And Teri Garr one of the dance extras? Duncan looks like a statue someone buried below the waterline. And more people frugging in the background.

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