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Lynn's travel plans.

It seems that I've been negligent in covering the newsletter section of the website. This is a shame because Lynn reveals astonishing ignorance of the world around her.

As you probably know, Lynn is an avid traveler who has been to many places around the world. We asked her where she’d like to go next. Here’s what she had to say:

Australia Calls Her Name:

Lynn wants to visit Australia

I would love to go to Australia. From what I’ve read and heard, it’s another world entirely, with animals one only sees on documentaries. I want to experience the desert and the coastal cities, and take a cruise around the Barrier Reef. This means a long stay, but I’m willing!

My grandfather had a large collection of Tasmanian stamps. He began the collection after visiting the island. He wanted a reason to be able to go back many times–which he did. His stories about the many colourful wild birds fascinated me. My favourite story was one my grandmother told, about the time Gramps was putting along in a rented car, and saw a tree just full of wild budgie birds. He was thrilled. He stopped the car and walked up to the tree to get a better look. The lesson he learned very quickly was: never stand beneath a tree full of budgies with your mouth open!

Tasmania Too!

I know Tasmania is a separate place altogether, but since it is so close to Australia, I’d have to go there, too. Fortunately, this part of the world is rife with cartoonists, so when I do go, I will have folks to visit, and folks to show me ’round. Australia and Tasmania are both on my bucket list.

Iceland Rates a Return Trip:

As for places I want to see again…Iceland tops them all. What a spectacular and other-worldly place it is. Next time, I’ll rent a car and drive around the island. They say it takes about 10 days to go all the way. I’m up for that!


- At one point, Tasmania WAS a separate colony of the British Empire. This status ended when it and several other white settler colonies in that part of the world became a dominion like the one Lynn and I live in called the Commonwealth of Australia. It hasn't BEEN a separate place for 115 years or so but you can't tell her that without being shrieked at.

- Good luck with the drive around Iceland.

- She's gonna fit right in when she gets to Melbourne because hey, they're not going to notice another lapsed low-church Anglican with a lager-pickled brain.

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