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Saturday, 16 January 2016: Elly Says "I Will Worry My Life Away."

We end the week with John once again forgetting that when Elly has a hair up her ass about something, she doesn't want to laugh it off.

(Strip Number 1106, Original Publication Date, 17 January 1987)

Panel 1: As they lie down for the night, Elly tells John about Lizzie's fear they'll get divorced. He says that it's normal.

Panel 2: He says that to be a child is to worry about something bad happening between their parents so, yes, Lizzie is a normal child with normal fears.

Panel 3: When he tries to lighten the mood by saying that the only thing that could split them up is Linda Evans, Elly gets enraged.

Panel 4: When she whips him over the head with her pillow because he isn't going to let himself worry his life away like she does, his reaction is to call her spontaneous reaction perfectly normal.

Summary: He did two things Elly hated: making light of her worries and not being worried about something he can't do much about. To smell right, he would also have to waste his life transfixed by problems he cannot do anything about while letting the fixable slide on by. His relatively more easy-going nature clashes with her belief that to be taken seriously, she must see the apocalypse in Mike wanting to kit up like the Thin White Duke for trick-and-treats.

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