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Saturday, July 15

Panel 1: Just out of curiosity, would the attic be too hot if Mike brought in a box fan? But it's a relief to hear proof that Mike doesn't have all kinds of amenities in that attic that his family doesn't get. And who wants to bet that the "personal project" is another column slamming the Kelpfroths. Because that's how you solve a dispute: insult people behind their back.

Panel 2: Oh, it's the Great Canadian Novel! Actual connection between the retcons and the strips!

Panel 3: Why is this guy so excited? He works in publishing; is Mike the only person he's ever known who's written a novel? And I just bet that his asking all these questions will be regarded as acting out of line. I mean, the guy's got a gap in his teeth!

Panel 4: How do you insert bullet points in thought? Anyway, I'm generally eager to let people read my stuff, on the grounds that I want to get feedback so I can put out a good product. The only time I hesitate is when I fear they might steal my ideas.

Panel 5: Oh, poor Mike. Nobody understands. NOBODY! People keep coming up to the attic to tell him dinner's ready (and isn't it interesting that Jeff doesn't get tuned out, like Deanna does, and have to resort to telling him aliens have landed?). They want him to spend time with them. They show an interest in what he's doing. Can't anyone UNDERSTAAAAAAAND that a writer needs complete and total isolation? Mike is turning into J.D. Salinger, except, like, not talented.


And getting back to the "eyesore" issue, these two strips:

show the condition the Upstairs Apartment was in when the previous tenants moved out, and Lovey's reaction. According to her, those people had no class. Unlike, of course, the Pattersons who let their kids strew toys all over the front yard.
Tags: previous strips, sheilagh

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