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Saturday, 21 November 2015: Oh, Elly, who will they ever find to replace you? Anyone!!

We end the week realizing that Phil's got good reason to suspect that Vindictive Ball Of Hatred Elly's motives are not pure. She'll deny it forever but most of why she yearns to see Phil get married is so he can be angry and miserable all the time so he can be punished for winning their childhood.

(Strip Number 1102, Original Publication Date, 22 November 1986)

Panel 1: In bed, John tells Elly that she seems excited over Phil's possible wedding. She agrees.

Panel 2: She states that he's been a bachelor too long before saying that she wants Phil to have a home, a family, a mortgage, a diaper pail.

Panel 3: Since she's a shitty parent who blames her inability to get along with her kids on them instead of on herself for being a high-strung jerk who's been spoiling for a fight all her life, her eyes turn evil thinking about kids.

Panel 4: When she says that she wants him to have it all, John is a little terrified.

Summary: Here, we see the collision of two of Elly's uglier personality traits. The first is her need to punish Phil for being born because her empty, belligerent brain sees him as being why she's miserable and angry all the time and why her parents don't really love her. The second is her need to see children as a force for chaos and backtalk because her fragile ego can't tolerate such evils as their awful free will, the hateful feeling in their limbs that tells them that moving around is good and especially the horrible need they have for attention. Since she's a vain simpleton and a toxic egomaniac, she sees normal childhood behaviour as part of a plot to drain her of her vital juices.

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