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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Today's sickly-sweet serving of rancid treacle is all about the sloppy crush Lizzie used to have on Christopher. While the folks on Kool-Aid Mountain will burble "Aw, SWEET", most of us will probably not react the same way to Lynn's reaching up our backsides to grab hold of our hearts.

(Strip Number 7230, Original Publication Date, 9 November 1986)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Lizzie sitting next to Christopher's silhouette and picking a branch apart and thought-bubbling "He likes me, he likes me not" because it's November and there are no daisies left to mutilate.

Panel 2: She finds to her delight that he likes her.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins with Lizzie telling Chris about this old movie she saw about a pretty girl who lived all alone on an island.

Panel 4: She then goes on to talk about her pretend island where she's by herself.

Panel 5: Sometimes, people will come by on a ship and want to visit.

Panel 6: Sometimes, she won't let them. Sometimes, she'll only let the nicest people get to stay on her island. (This, of course, means that a jeering oaf who looks like Mirror Universe Linus and who grows up to write a break-up e-mail like the punk-ass bitch he is and also abandon his family on a rickety fire escape like a tool is persona non grata.)

Panel 7: Only people that she really, really likes are welcome. (See above as to why Mike ain't allowed on her island.)

Panel 8: She wants Christopher to know something.

Panel 9: Said thing is that (since she's got a crush on him) he's always welcome on her island.

Summary: This would almost be touching if the characters were the right age to say stuff like this. Lynn might make a meal of how she neeeeeeeeeded male companionship when she was seven or eight but she doesn't come close to admitting that she's a mildly sinister anomaly whose ardor confused and unsettled her peers.

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