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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Elly learns to her dismay that Michael's prediction that a politician would decide it was all his idea (and only his) to save the theater has come to pass when Radcliffe uses preserving heritage as means of distinguishing himself from other candidates for Mayor.

(Strip Number 4706, 5 November 1986)

Panel 1: We find Elly lamenting the failure of her campaign. Despite picketing, making presentations and wining and dining the politicians, the sports people will tear down the theatre and exult in their victory over arts, culture, goodness, niceness, happiness, mother love and so on and so forth. As she wallows in despair, John calls something to her attention.

Panel 2: The thing called attention to is an article in the paper that states that Radcliffe has indeed approved the grant to save the theatre after all.

Panel 3: Elly blurts out an angry and confused "WHAT?!" because it looked to her as if Radcliffe was going to personally wreck the building himself. As John reads the article, Radcliffe is quoted as saying that he'd been fighting for this for months.

Panel 4: Elly is staggered when John goes on to state that this and other issues were brought up when the man announced that he's running for Mayor. You'd think it was because he's basically hogged all the glory while making her look like a meddling idiot blundering into a situation that she didn't understand because wimmen amirite but it's not that at all.

Summary: It should anger her that Mike's prediction about how she'd be removed from the narrative has come true. It doesn't, though. We'll see why Friday.

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