dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tuesday, 20 October 2015: Killing John is full-time job now.

A discussion of how pumpkins look like people Mike and Lizzie know leads to a reminder that John will always be the right age to be sensitive.

(Strip Number 4697, Original Publication Date, 21 October 1986)

Panel 1: We start things off with Mike telling Lizzie that the shapes of the pumpkins remind him of people they both know.

Panel 2: He goes on to point out pumpkins that remind him of Mrs Baird and Brian.

Panel 3: He tells Lizzie that if he puts a potato on the front, he thinks it looks exactly like John.

Panel 4: Michael redacts his statement when Rage-Faced Asshole John grabs him by the collar because he's got a bug up his arse.

Summary: This is yet another reminder that John doesn't see what the rest of us do. The rest of us see a kid making a harmless comment about a coincidence. John and those like him are hypervigilant to 'threats' to his authority because that's the deal with pissants like him; this means that he sees a horrible monster trying to usher in an era of chaos and anarchy because the alternative is that he's a thin-skinned yahoo flipping out over nothing. He gets enough of that noise from his dad, thanks loads.

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