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Paula and Melody: Failed Friends.

As we know, Lynn didn't seem to want to simply recycle the whole "let's have Lizzie's school years be like Mike's in that her best friend is her classmate" because she wanted to talk about a subject dear to her heart: classroom politics and how to win at it. She did this by creating two people who didn't really endure because she grew sick of them: Melody and Paula. Later on, she realized that she could have her cake and eat it too by having Liz and Dawn try to navigate the dangerous shoals of peer pressure but for the next year, we're going to be dealing with the peers of Janice Madigan and Darryl Smythe. Bear with me as I discuss them and my thoughts on the matter.

Lynn's first attempt at giving Lizzie a foil was when she created meanish girl Melody Morrison. As we saw, she started out giving Lizzie the cold shoulder for no reason that immediately made sense:
 photo FB090586_zpsdrocm3qj.gif
that wasn't Lynn talking about how for some reason, people didn't warm quickly to a disruptive attention seeker.
We shift forward a few months to find Lizzie still intimidated by the child:
 photo FB021087_zpsp8tjv43w.gif

only to be given a rather predictable piece of advice about how bad it must be to be perfect:
 photo FB021187_zps3hz9tsyd.gif

from the Delicate Genius followed up by a sort of reminder that most of the problem seems to be that they got off on the wrong foot:

 photo FB021687_zpsnuwninr4.gif

because despite how nice Melody tried to be:

 photo FB021787_zpst1xje980.gif

Lizzie blamed her for being the problem despite not reaching out to someone Elly diagnosed as simply acting all superior to cover up being kind of terrified:

 photo FB021987_zpszts4cenb.gif

After a rapprochement I'll get into in a short while, the last time we see Melody is her being a farblondzhet idiot
 photo FB041287_zps6lialpn6.gif
who could get lost in a phone booth.

The funny thing about Melody is that when she starts behaving pleasantly, she tags Paula in as a bratty, snotty antagonist who treats Lizzie like crap for a dumb reason. As we see here,

 photo FB021287_zps0jwug3nx.gif

the reason that both girls hate Melody is because they envy her. The funny thing about Paula:

 photo FB022087_zpsworkowth.gif

is that she immediately turns on Lizzie the instant Melody starts to turn nice

 photo FB022187_zpsyhehulgh.gif

for a questionable reason so that Lynn can make a leaden point about how people never really outgrow confused thinking like this.

The next time we see her is when she touches off the "Lizzie wants earrings" arc by being a jerk:

 photo FB042387_zpss3nmvwia.gif

who lords it over Elizabeth because unlike Elly and her fear that pierced ears today means drugging and sexing herself tomorrow, her mother has no real problem with her playing dress up:

 photo FB042987_zps7yjfa8cm.gif

This happens to be the last time we see either of them. because Lynn realized that she might have gone overboard with the need to warn people about playground politics. Lizzie's social life was out of focus for a few years until it occurred to Lynn to simply have Dawn become Liz's own personal Lawrence.

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