Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, July 2

Panel 1: Gah! If this is getting old, I'll never quit smoking. At least my parents are in Vegas, where they can watch people, not birds.

Panel 2: Well, at least Grampa is more subtle (or afraid of Iris?), and doesn't spell out the bird/bird connection.

Panel 3: Wow, that bird is flying right up to Iris's hand! She must have mastered the art of sitting very still, so they think you're no threat.

Panel 4: Whoa. I have never seen a flashback of Jim looking that young. But why is the woman suddenly flat?

Panel 5: Why one in the backseat? In Jim's youth, people piled as many in the front seat as they could, seat belts not having been invented yet.

Panel 6: I think that one senses Jim ogling her.

Panel 7: Good grief. Now that woman dieted so hard, her arms are emaciated, and she can't even walk without bracing her legs against each other.

Panel 8: I don't know what Iris is *tsk*ing about; Jim made the outfit more modest.

Panel 9: Oh, so it's not Jim she's upset about; it's the breakdown of society. Well, Iris, there was a time when women wouldn't go out and about dressed like that, but they also couldn't get credit cards in their name, or work while they were pregnant, or, often, afterwards...

Panel 10: And that line has been used before, years ago with John and Elly. Granted, it was a daily strip, and John's rejoinder -- "Personally, I think it leaves PLENTY to the imagination!" -- was the punchline, but still, we've been here before.
Tags: grampa

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