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The design thing.

Here's that thing about one of the women who help Lynn pretend she's a fashion designer:

Lynn’s friend, the fashion and pattern designer Kathryn Brenne (featured here in our recent post about the gala at the Art Gallery of Sudbury), has just been featured on the cover of Vogue Patterns.

From the North Bay Nugget article by Emily Haws:

Local pattern designer Kathryn Brenne has another accomplishment to add to her collection: her jacket design is featured on the August/September 2015 cover of Vogue Patterns magazine.

“They’ve not only put this jacket on the cover of the magazine, but they are putting it on the Fall catalogue, which is the biggest catalogue of the year,” said Brenne. “That will be in fabric and in stores all around the world – I’m sure it is going to do well.”

Originally affiliated with Vogue Fashion magazine, Vogue Patterns is now published by a different company and tailors specifically to people who sew. The company features patterns in the magazine, which sewers can purchase. Brenne has had multiple patterns purchased by Vogue Patterns, but this jacket is the first one ever featured on the cover. She graduated from Ryerson University’s fashion design program in 1981, and opened up The Academy of Fine Sewing and Design in 2000.

Read the full article here. Congratulations on your achievement, Kathryn!

Notes: If you read the article being quoted, you'll see that she's a lot more thoughtful than Lynn happens to be. I suggest you do so.

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