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The Gala Opening thing.

Here's a press release I should have mentioned earlier:

On Thursday, the 16th of July, Lynn celebrated the opening of her first gallery show, titled “For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston” at the Art Gallery of Sudbury.

For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston looks at the career of popular comic artist Lynn Johnston. Throughout her career Johnston consistently drew from her own life and personal experiences. This exhibition charts the ways that her experiences make their way into her work, culminating in an exploration of the much loved characters and stories of For Better or For Worse. For old fans and new, For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston shows selections from the comic’s 30-year history, highlighting the characters that readers know and love, and including fan responses to the comic strip.

Many of Lynn’s family and friends attended the Gala; here’s a selection of photos from the event. The show runs in Sudbury until November 1st and it will travel (dates and locations TBA). Find out more about the show here.
 photo ags1_zpsyxcjhw1u.jpeg

Lynn poses for sketch artists on the steps behind the gallery. Note her custom dress, made with fabric she designed. (Photo courtesy of Mike Robbyns).
 photo ags2_zpsyugmi5l1.jpeg

Mike Robbyns, a fellow cartoonist and friend of Lynn’s, attended the show. (Photo courtesy of Mike Robbyns).
 photo ags3_zpsdqpedhp9.jpeg

Lynn with her daughter, Katie. (Photo courtesy of Mike Robbyns).
 photo ags4_zpsxrcb2gw5.jpeg

Lynn with her friend, John Wipprecht, who models some more custom clothing featuring Lynn’s fabric. (Photo courtesy of Mike Robbyns).
 photo ags5_zpsk4cmjfla.jpeg

Lynn poses with a fun prop the Gallery provided. (Photo courtesy of Mike Robbyns).

 photo ags6_zpsk6ja74pz.jpg
The view at the doors to the Art Gallery of Sudbury.
 photo ags7_zpsqumcxmoc.jpg

John browses the show.

 photo ags8_zpsopwwrbam.jpg

Lynn, speaking to the assembled crowd.
 photo ags9_zpstgdza5nr.jpg

Lynn with Kathryn Brenne and Malia Janveaux, who helped bring Lynn’s fabric designs to life.
 photo ags10_zpsbalbcnio.jpg

Katie with Deanna Nebenionquit, our hardworking and patient friend on the staff at Art Gallery of Sudbury, who worked so hard to make the show happen.
 photo ags11_zpszulzwwmu.jpg

Lynn’s friend (and animator extraordinaire) Nancy Beiman, signs the cleverly designed guestbook banner.

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