Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, June 25

Before I start, I'd just like to backtrack to the funeral sequence. When Elly first broached the subject with Jim, and he yelped, "But I'm still here!" I immediately said (under my breath, of course; I was in an internet cafe) "Shut up; you'll be stone dead in a moment."

Also, a side note: It is so great to be back on my own computer! I've been using Cookie Monster's laptop, and as grateful as I am for his generosity, I was about fed up with the embedded keyboard, the delete button that only worked backwards, and having to look down at the screen instead of straight ahead. Now I'm really HOOOOOOOOOOOOME!

Now, on to the strip!

Panel 1: I can tell by her stance, her firm grip on the broom handle, and her grim profile, that Elly is going to war with the household once again. But where did her arm-flap extensions go?

Panel 2: For once, her ass is not huge...but why does the crack go almost up to her waistline?

Panel 3: Ah, the ever-morphing front porch. Or is it the back porch? In any case, it's not efficient to sweep so forcefully. Some of the dust/dirt will settle back down in the area you were going over. But of course, the Pattersonian philosophy is that performing a task with great vigor makes up for poor skills.

Panel 4: Gah, another ass shot! And that swish mark makes it look like she's killing a rat or something.

Panel 5: Oh for cryin' out loud. Unless it's autumn and there are leaves on the ground, who has to put that much force into sweeping a walkway?

Panel 6: More silhouette, more swish, more ass. And gee, I wonder if John's gonna make some dumbass remark.

Panel 7: Okay, I'll note Elly's bowleggedness first, then go on to the John's return to his eighties-era piggishness. Laughing, holding a beer, and acting condescending while Elly's doing what many would call men's work anyway.

Panel 8: Well, surprisingly, Elly has progressed since that era. Presumably, she didn't throw anything at his head or swat him with the broom. John looks pissed -- at Elly, or himself? He's not sweeping any better than Elly, though. And is Edgar merely astounded that John has been so neatly put in his place? Or was he hiding out of sight to avoid being hit with random dirt particles, then returned when he sensed Elly going back inside, only to find that the danger is not past?
Tags: elly hates housework

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