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Monday, 15 June 2015

Today's annoying thing about how Lizzie's graduation supposedly means something to her has Lynn ignore how children actually talk so she can shrug, mug for the camera and make a flippant lie about how this actually happened to defend herself from cruel people who hate to laugh when challenged on her coarse, immature sense of non-humor.

(Strip Number 6034, Original Publication Date, 16 June 1986)

Panel 1: We start off with John telling Elly that she'll have to reschedule her meeting because Lizzie graduates from kindergarten that Thursday.

Panel 2: Lizzie tells Mommy that Miss Lyon says they gotta go on stage, wear a funny hat and get a dicklona.

Panel 3: Lizzie isn't quite sure what's supposed to happen but she thinks that just maybe, getting this dicklona thing is somehow connected to gradulating from kinnergarten and gettin'to go to Grade One. (Note to self: suggest to whoever's left that Americans tend to use first grade to eighth grade and then the freshman-to-senior thing.)

Panel 4: John continues on to state that the teacher insists that all parents must attend this ceremony Lizzie doesn't understand because it means so much to the children.

Summary: The notes will probably be all about how yes, Katie or Aaron actually said dicklona because otherwise, she'd have to admit she made it up to get the crap past the radar.

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June 15 2015, 14:13:49 UTC 5 years ago

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I sent in this strip knowing it wasn’t one of my best.

Nonsense. The presence of the word dick-lona tells us exactly why Lynn Johnston sent in this comic strip. It is a comic strip of the Ni-PISSING variety. She wants to know if her editor will object to the word "dick". The bilabial "p" sound is far easier to say than the velar "k" sound. A kid Lizzie's age would not say "dicklona" over "diploma." As for "gradulate" vs. "graduate", that one works because a kid Lizzie's age could easily mix "congratulation" with "graduation."

Again, the pressure of a relentless deadline will often result in an "OK, it’s done, I’m sending it!" situation.

Again, this is not what is really happening. We are starting to hit the point where Lynn has decided to line up dates with her comic strip, so in the middle of this riveting "Will Elly save the old town hall?" storyline, school graduation has been put in, and Lynn just doesn't have any graduation jokes. In Lynn's real life, the graduate would have been Aaron in 1985, who would have done only 1 year in the elementary school before going on to his next school. However, it is possible Lynn suffered through a kindergarten graduation for Katie back in Lynn Lake, and she is taking one last jab at the old town she hated.

For someone trying to analyze this for its humour (and there are people who do this kind of thing), what I was trying to do was to contrast Lizzie’s English language gaffes with something which has meaning. HUH?

Lynn says this like the people who try to figure out her jokes are somehow abnormal. I guess she likes the people who just laugh without knowing why; or maybe she fears the people who try to figure out why it's funny, because they might tend to come to the conclusion that it isn't. Lizzie says "dicklona" instead of "diploma" and that's funny because it's the same kind of word substitution a naughty 10-year-old might use.

Anyway, it didn’t work.

Yes, because Lynn is not just using Lizzie's mispronunciation, but she is also taking a shot at kindergarten graduations as being unnecessary. While many might agree with Lynn on this point, they might not think it's a punch line. It's too much for one comic strip. Lynn should have gone with one or the other, but not both.

This is where a storyline (rather than gag-a-day) helps because the audience, by following a series, might overlook one lousy strip!

Oh, Lynn. Your whole success depends on that. There are plenty of lousy strips, but the people who adored your comic strip liked watching the characters get older and could care less that you weren't all that funny.

Did I make that clear? No? Uhhhh…OK…NEXT!!!

Oddly enough, Lynn has written a Lynn's Notes that imitates her tendency towards writing a bad comic strip. Don't like this Lynn's Note? Wait until the next one!!!