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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Today's strip is a variation on the theme "Elly refuses to understand anything from Farley's perspective" in which she makes a point of punishing John for trying to 'make her take orders' from a dog.

(Strip Number 7037, Original Publication Date, 15 June 1986)

Panel 1: We find Elly looking at Farley's dish and being disgusted by it.

Panel 2: Rage-Face Elly throws out yet another stale bowl of dog food.

Panel 3: Elly complains to John about how Farley won't eat a thing because she's had to scrape out yet another bowl of stale dog food.

Panel 4: John sets up the conflict by trying to make Elly live in a world of injustice (by which I mean "a world where she has to accept actual reality instead of creating her own") by saying that yes, Farley will eat so long as he's having what the rest of the pack eats.

Panel 5: John baffles and outrages Elly by telling her a horrible, cruel and unfair LIE about how if Farley knows that he's not eating the same food they are, he simply doesn't want to eat it.

Panel 6: He further angers her by telling her that if Farley thinks it is people food, he will eat it.

Panel 7: Elly glares angrily at Farley because she confuses the natural result of her ineptitude with his trying to take over the house or some such nonsense.

Panel 8: Elly serves John a plate of canned dog food to punish him for telling her that the dog is now her boss.

Panel 9: As she saunters off in disgusted rage, she tells him to make it look good.

Summary: If there are notes for this one, I expect them to pretty much be in agreement with the premise of the strip itself. Simply put, Lynn regards understanding things from Farley's perspective as somehow becoming his subordinate.

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