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For Better Or For Worse, it's coming to an art gallery.

The latest news from the front office is about the big gallery show in Sudbury, Ontario.

From Northern Life Magazine:

or Better or For Worse cartoonist Lynn Johnston said she hopes an upcoming Art Gallery of Sudbury exhibit featuring her lifetime work allows people to get to know her a bit better — “take away that M&M candy coating,” as she puts it.

The exhibit For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston, running from July 11 to November 1, features artwork created by Johnston at all stages of her life.

It includes everything from childhood artwork to drawings created as a medical artist working at McMaster University to original For Better or For Worse artwork to the paintings and fabric design she’s creating these days.

Visitors to the gallery can even see the scratched and pitted drafting table where Johnston worked for so many years.

A biography of Johnston — written by her daughter, Kate — has been created to accompany the exhibit. An opening gala will be held July 16. Johnston also plans to give a talk and hold workshops, although dates haven’t been set.
We’re so excited to be working with the Art Gallery of Sudbury; they’ve selected classic items from Lynn’s career as well as some rarely-seen pieces from the studio archives. We’re eager to see where this show will go! Have a look at the Art Gallery’s site The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston here!


1) Both the article in Northern Life and the gallery site feature Lynn mugging for the camera like an idiotic child.

2) Katie and Lane have prevailed upon Lynn to sell her house and move to Vancouver with them some time this year. This tells us that we're in a post-Lynn world.

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