dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

As Jean tags back in, she starts in with a good long whinge about how expensive freedom from the monster child who wants to siphon away her vital juices because children have to pummeled into loving their parents is.

(Strip Number 4602, Original Publication Date, 23 April 1986)

Panel 1: Jean arrives at the office with the wonderful news that her daughter Brittany is now in full-time daycare.

Panel 2: She explains that despite thinking it was going to take forever when they put her on a waiting list, as of today, she's in.

Panel 3: Jean smiles as she tells them that she cannot believe the freedom and convenience.

Panel 4: She then goes into Existential Horror mode when she states that she cannot believe the expense.

Summary: Well, there are trade-offs in everything, Jean. Good help doesn't come cheap and those people gotta eat too. Also, this is probably going to lead to a solicitation for a debate as to whether Uncle Sucker should be picking up the tab.

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