jelly jones (qnjones) wrote in binky_betsy,
jelly jones

Better late than never.

Actually, Jim, we DO know how this novel ends! For Jim and Iris, John and Elly, it ends with an annoying Richards and his/her spouse rotting away in an old age home, avoiding involvement in any potential plot points that require activity beyond bitching and moaning. It ends with the main characters ready for the denouement many, many chapters before the author is ready to end the story.

Iris, I'm with you. I don't like the plot. Or most of the main characters. The setting leaves a lot to be desired. And the author is a twisted, perverse old hag who is going to torture us all to the bitter end.


I notice that we don't get to see Iris participate in this decision. I guess we're just supposed to believe she went along with whatever Jim decided. She sure knows the role of a Richards spouse! Maybe it's better that Jim decided for her after all, though. She shows herself to be a nitwit in this strip. It's too much reality for her to pick out an urn, and she just can't handle all this frank talk about the harsh reality of death. Good thing she's got a man with a pushy potato-nosed daughter to force her to do it anyway.

The wordplay at the end is forced. It's not the plot Iris doesn't like, just the ending. But alas, that just doesn't lend itself to that witty banter the Richards/Pattersons love so much!

All in all, glad I didn't hurry home for this.
Tags: 50 is sooooooo old, grampa, qnjones

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