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Lynn Johnston's tiny victory theater

It might interest you to know that there's a new news item that's all about Lynn thanking people for thanking her.

 photo plantstand_zpsjsdrqgzx.jpg

Lynn’s company (LJP) has been regularly donating to a number of local groups and charities for some time now. Last week, the Executive Director of the Crisis Centre North Bay presented Lynn with this plant stand (plants & pots included) to thank her for her support over the years.

It was hand-crafted from reclaimed barn board by a number of children who are a part of a Crisis Centre youth program. The kids each painted and decorated a pot for the stand. The plaque on the stands says: "For Lynn Johnston With Much Appreciation From The Children and Youth of Crisis Centre North Bay."

Thanks so much for thinking of us!

- Given her lessened financial prospects, it could well be that the centre is thanking a person who can no longer provide as much as she used to for her services as sort of a nice gesture.

- Lynn probably doesn't realize this.

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