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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Today's mildly amusing outing has Elly find that the ramp heading to the parking lot at Megafoods is blocked by the clueless clodhopper who she ends up flagging down for help.

(Strip Number 7210, Original Publication Date, 9 March 1986)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly pushing a cart full of groceries to the parking lot.

Panel 2: She's then astonished by something we don't see.

Panel 3: Said astonishing thing is the fact that some inconsiderate dullard has parked his or her car right in front of the ramp that leads to the parking lot.

Panel 4: This forces Elly to struggle to get the cart from the curb to the parking lot.

Panel 5: Having noticed that a cave troll wearing a hat is walking in the direction of the parking lot, she asks him if he'll help her with her problem.

Panel 6: After he does so, she thanks him and explains that some pea-brained idiot parked in front of the ramp.

Panel 7: When it's revealed that the man she asked was the pea-brained idiot who parked in front of the ramp, she gets all gob-smacked.

Summary: The interesting thing about this is that we end up with a rambling Lynnsight in which it's revealed that the real-life man was taking his stroke victim wife to the store for the first time in forever but Lynn decided to make him look like a jerk to 'protect' him and not at all to keep her from looking like an inconsiderate, huffy and judgmental dimwit.

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