dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

New Years Eve 2014

Connie rings in the new year by friendzoning Ted. The interesting thing is that while Connie does occasionally talk about Ted in the future, this is the last time we see them together in the same strip.

(Strip Number 6030, Original Publication Date, 31 December 1985)

Panel 1: A few minutes later, we see Ted heading off into the night when Connie gives him the let's be friends speech.

Panel 2: As the other characters ring in the new year, he stomps off and mutters a surly "Yeah...take it easy, kid."

Panel 3: Elly walks into the hallway and asks Connie where she was when they were ringing in the New Year.

Panel 4: She wistfully says "Ringing out the old."

Summary: As I've said, this is the last time that we see Connie and Ted together. This year also marked the last time we saw Connie and Phil together. I guess that as long as it's not Liz's destiny that needs guiding, Lynn knows not to put exes together because it's bad form.

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