Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Hi, y'all!

Still on vacay! Just checking in.

-- We have a new car! I sat with my pocketbook clutched in my lap and said through a clenched jaw, “I want royal blue.” Unfortunately, we had to accept a light beige instead, but other than that, it’s an awesome car. It took a while to process the insurance, though. The guy faxed it with the wrong date twice, while brushing crumbs out of his mustache and muttering “Biz” or “Fizz” or something like that.

-- John didn’t mention trains once in his letter!

-- When is April going to admit she wants to jump Jeremy’s bones, and then do it?

-- A few days ago, someone asked why Liz waited so long to tell Paul about her homesickness and job hopping, even though they supposedly talk on the phone almost every day. I daresay that was because they were too busy talking about string theory.

-- Re: Jesse. First of all, this is just the net result of her acting like he’s her only student. Second, it grinds my gears that even before they retconned him to having no parents, they also retconned him to being needy and vulnerable. When he brought Shiimsa to Liz, he was very much the one in control of that situation. He needed nothing; Liz was the one who benefited. I actually didn’t like him much then, either, because I thought he was pushy, but at least he wasn’t so glurgey and cloying. And third, I love the offer for him and Marg to visit Liz. What does she think, they’re going to canoe down to Milborough and pitch a tent? Bitch has been living in Mtig for two years, and she still has no clue.

And finally, I’m not sure this hangup about permanence is very Native. Time was when people accepted that people in general, and teachers in specific, came and went. Now, nobody can accept change? I mean, suppose Liz was moving forward, to a new school in a different location, instead of backwards to Milborough. Would Jesse still be heartbroken? I’m thinking of the Little House books. Laura didn’t stay at any school more than one term, and on the last day, she would give a farewell speech, the kids might give her some keepsake, and that was it; no one said, “Waah, Miss Ingalls, why are you leaving meeeee?” Instead of sitting on Jesse’s bed (gah!) Liz should be telling him some Native saying about how memories are to be treasured, or people don’t have to be in your life forever in order to touch your heart, and like that. I agree with the poster who said that if he’s this emotionally fragile, it’s not Liz’s responsibility.

-- It’s been raining a lot here, and the creek is now deeper, faster and muddier than I’ve ever seen it. Makes me want to get a toy boat and go prancing down the hill! Except MIL doesn’t have dogs, so I’m not sure who would save me -- the deer, maybe?

-- And y’all are right. It is “roamed under it”, not “wandered under it”. :::smacks self:::

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