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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Panel 1: It’s a warm June day as Elly Patterson jogs and Connie Poirier hovers down the street. I thought only cars could hover. For Connie, her shadow shows the sun is directly overhead, but for poor Elly, her shadow shows the sun is somewhere to her right. Life is better when you can hover, eh, Connie?

Panel 2:Elly is still getting the worst of it, as she demonstrates a sticky-out tongue “Wheeze!!” Of course Elly still has her eyes and her mouth, unlike poor Connie. Maybe Connie is wheezing too. It should be noted that both women’s ears stick straight out from their heads for every side view in this strip. Perhaps this was the means by which Connie was aloft in the first panel. Her ears caught the wind a la Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Panel 3: Connie, recognizing that Elly is near collapse suggests walking. Elly closes her eyes in recognition of the fact that Connie has begun a strip-long transformation into a man. I want to close my eyes, too, Elly.

Panel 4: In the old Thimble Theatre comic strip, Alice the Goon had a too small head for a too large body. Elly reminds me of old Alice in this panel. She is even using a nautical phrase like Alice as Elly guides the massive butt of her ship to its ultimate destination.

Panel 5: Elly is now going so slowly that apparently Connie can stop and look straight her and bark encouragement. Elly’s slow pace is probably due to the fact that her midriff has suddenly turned in the squeeze box part of an accordion and her hand has only 2 knuckles for its 4 fingers. Those kinds of things can be distracting.

Panel 6:Yowzah! Connie is ugly in this panel. Elly recognizes this and shuts her eyes again. Is she saying, “I can do it if you can” to the walking or to enduring Connie’s transformation into the ugliness man?

Panel 7: Twins! Identical stances and they each have one side with two flying beads of sweat and one side with one flying bead of sweat. The only difference is that look of desperation on Elly’s completely wide-eyed face and that Connie now looks like a young Rutger Hauer.

Panel 8: Connie takes her turn as a pinhead as we see the joke. They are going to the Donut & Deli, a place entirely patronized by silhouette people. If cookie77 were doing this entry, she would go through her collections and tells us how many times this joke has been done before with Connie and Elly. All can say is, I have seen this joke done before in For Better or For Worse and many, many other places. Something that would have made it funny, would be how extreme the dialogue getting up to the place was, to make it seem like Elly was running a marathon or something like that. If Elly were close to collapse and the lines Connie would use to urge her on were more like a drill sergeant or something out of a selp-help guide or a 12-step program or even one of those TV ads for exercise equipment. Elly’s desperate look in Panel 7 was kind of funny and the “Wheeze” in Panel 2 was in the right direction. If this were a 4-panel strip, we could have had panels 2, 6, 7 and 8 and I think it would not be too bad. The other 4 panels drag it down. It has been awhile since we have seen a Sunday colour strip that had an idea worthy of its format.
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