Karisu | カリス ("sama" = facetious ^___^) (karisu_sama) wrote in binky_betsy,
Karisu | カリス ("sama" = facetious ^___^)

Lynn really loves those "jewel tones", even when they don't work together.

Remember Liz's wedding colors of lavender and teal (a particularly unfortunate choice when combined together in the flower-girl dresses)? I was randomly looking through some old strips from 1997, and I found this:

http  : // catalog.fborfw .com /strips/97/FB042297.gif

Elly is having Mike's old room turned into a guest room, and the wallpaper hangers have arrived. Elly tells April that the new wallpaper is: "magenta and turquoise, with green and tan accents."

Magenta and turquoise. And neither one is an "accent", so one must assume that each is a prominent part of the wallpaper's color scheme.

Frankly, my brain is cringing at the thought of a wallpaper pattern whose color scheme is primarily magenta and turquoise - two very strong, bright, and contrasting colors that will really tend to "vie for dominance" with each other. I'm thinking this wallpaper is so psychedelically garish, it'll give her guests nightmares and make them run screaming into the street.

Pro tip, Elly: walls in a bedroom the size of Mike's room look best when a more toned-down or neutral shade (here we have tan) is the predominant wall color, and the bright colors are used for the linens and accents.

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