dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 19 October 2014

We get yet another Sunday strip about how Elly's evil family evilly rejects all the love in her great big heart by insisting that the meals she lovingly slaves away to create have the irrelevant and anti-mother qualities called 'flavour' and 'digestability.'

(Strip Number 7200, Original Publication Date, 20 October 1985)

Panel 1: We begin the proceedings with Elly cheerfully stating that supper is ready and she's made another of her trademark (indigestible) casseroles.

Panel 2: John's response is to irritate her by asking what she's disguising this time.

Panel 3: The strip most of Lynn's fans will read starts with Elly handing Mike his plate.

Panel 4: Michael first puts a whole lot of salt on the oddly-coloured mound of something or other that's on his plate.

Panel 5: After that, he pours a whole lot of ketchup on the regrettable food he's expected to eat.

Panel 6: Since Elly put a lot of love (but not much thought or talent) into making said gastro-anomaly, she takes offense and tells him that he didn't even TASTE her lovely food and how he shouldn't dump stuff all over it until he's tested it first.

Panel 7: As John looks on, we see Elly give Mike the hairy eyeball for turning his back on all the love in her great big heart.

Panel 8: John takes a bite of her lovely food and not at all indigestible, horrid-tasting swill.

Panel 9: As he puts a whole lot of ketchup and salt on her horrible cooking, Elly looks gobsmacked and Mike smiles because he's been vindicated.

Summary: This tends to make wonder if the mildly snarky comment I made to a friend about how Elly only started to become a good cook when she broke down and admitted that she needed glasses is more than just a mildly nasty joke at her expense. It also makes me wonder why the notes about the husband who got pissy about leftovers is funny instead of worrying.

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