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Sunday, 28 September 2014

In today's strip, Elly blames her innate sloth and gluttony on Connie for failing to berate her for being weak and lazy.

(Strip Number 10922, Original Publication Date, 29 September 1985)

Panel 1: We find Elly reading an ad for a Weight Watchers-like program and wondering why they can't come up with anything that isn't a before-and-after picture.

Panel 2: Since she won't admit that her real problem is her poor posture, she moans about being so disgustingly fat that she's started to look like the 'before' pictures.

Panel 3: Elly thought-bubbles about how Connie used to come over and nag her about exercising.

Panel 4: She also made her jog once a week and join a fitness club.

Panel 5: She was the one who really pushed her to get into shape.

Panel 6: Elly then thought-bubbles about how since Connie moved, she herself hasn't been motivated to do anything physical.

Panel 7: Lardarse then dunks a doughnut into a cup of coffee.

Panel 8: As she pattersnarfs, Elly decides that if she gets fat, it's all on Connie for not coming over and nagging her.

Summary: What bothers me about this punchline is that Elly doesn't want to admit that Mike gets blaming other people for his own screw-ups from her. If she wants the kids to take responsibility for their actions, she'd better start setting a better example than this.

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