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Thursday, May 25, 2006

‘an count = 2

Panel 1: “Dear Elizabeth” April is getting a little formal here. No doubt she typed that because her right hand is completely missing the keyboard, while the left hand has detached itself from her left arm in order to have a chance to get at least some of the letters right. I am pleased to see April write, “is gonna be even better,” since I was getting a little perturbed at how instantaneously they were improving with a single rehearsal with Luis. Unfortunately, April seems to have forgotten Luis’ name as she writes.

Panel 2: The artist seems to think we will forget April was typing in panel 1, so when we go to just a head shot, we have the Tick Tap-Tap Tikka Tap to remind us. April’s ears are a little loose, because when she pitches her head forward, the ears go forward too. I suppose I should be glad they aren’t pointed this time. As for the message about Eva, it is “amazing” I can read it and keep down food.

Panel 3: I guess the rule about “’an” is that they can only be placed before words starting with “i”. There are a lot of regular “and”s in this strip. Let’s take the rest of this information point by point:

1. Gerald and April are still a “couple” and that’s so cool. I can only assume that by the use of the apostrophes, April is saying that there was a possibility that Gerald and she could become something other than a “couple”. Maybe there were planning a ménage a trois with Duncan, if they didn’t bring Eva in. Or maybe they were considering a breakup. It’s hard to say.

2. My marks are good. I suppose this is to satisfy school teacher Liz, because I can’t see her caring too much otherwise, unless there was some big deal about April having problems in school.

3. I’ve got summer work lined up. Retcon alert. You may remember

John's Letter, March 2006

Speaking of my sister, her daughter Laura is doing well at university. She's working on her degree in veterinary medicine. She will be working as an assistant at the vet clinic near my sister's place, next summer. I know that April has talked about going out there this summer again, so it will be interesting to see if she gets to hang out at the vet clinic.

I guess we can take this as a sign, we won’t be seeing April the veterinarian back in action this summer.

Liz looks intently at the screen, and it appears she is sporting a different hairstyle than when we last saw her. This is unfortunate, because I really am having a difficult time distinguishing between Liz and April in this strip. Notice Liz doesn’t have a coffee cup this time. I guess she learned her lesson from last time she read April's e-mail. Now if the person drawing the strip can learn a lesson on how to draw a cat, that would be helpful too.

Panel 4: The Liz thought balloon has so much promise in it. Will she finally explain why she is even considering leaving Paul for the south? Will she expound on her newly re-found feelings for Anthony Caine? Will she explain why it is that Gary Crane was so anxious to replace her? Will Jesse Mukwa get the stereo? Will someone call her coffee cake to her face? So much promise. The real question is: How will Lynn screw it up?
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