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Lynn in the News... For Nothing She's Done Lately

So, I did a Google News search on "Lynn Johnston" just to see what I would find. I ended up needing to filter out "sheep" and "farm" to avoid stories about a male Lynn Johnston who co-owns a sheep farm, but I did find a few recent items.

"Waub Rice Recognized for Excellence in Storytelling": http://www.netnewsledger.com/2014/07/16/waub-rice-recognized-for-excellence-in-storytelling/

The reference to Lynn is this:

The 2004 honouree was Lynn Johnston, who introduced First Nations people and places into “For Better or For Worse”, her cartoon strip carried by over 2,000 newspapers in 22 countries.

[Still getting press over something that happened ten years ago.]

"Politics, comedy and journalism are star qualities":
About the latest group of people to get stars on the North Bay Walk of Fame. The mention of Lynn is:

In 2012 the first stars were placed on the four corners of Main and McIntyre Streets recognizing hometown trendsetters Bruce Goulet a former city mayor who started the campaign to refurbish the downtown; mystery writer Giles Blunt who created detective John Cardinal; television news reporter Susan Hay; Michel Dupuis who designed the franco-Ontarian flag; Sam Jacks, the father of ringette; and cartoonist Lynn Johnston who has brought life to the term For Better or Worse.

[Right, 'cause the marriage vows never "brought life to the term For Better or Worse."]

Last is a letter to the editor:

"Letter: Dystonia advocate thanks donors"

Lynn mention:

As For Better or For Worse cartoonist Lynn Johnston, who lives with dystonia, would say, “What, you’ve never heard of dystonia?” It’s a widespread disorder, but one of the least known.

Hmm, I'm not even sure Lynn is still claiming to have dystonia. She has made the claim that it was brought on by her hormone-replacement medication and that it went into remission when she stopped taking it. I can't help thinking she wishes people would stop bringing it up in relation to her, just as she doesn't want to be asked about her claims of abuse by Ursula.

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