howtheduck (howtheduck) wrote in binky_betsy,

2015 Wall Calendars Have Arrived

Buy it from Lynn for $18, or get it from Amazon for $14.99.  “Totally Teens” is the title and features a cover with a big, giant silhouette on the front showing 4 silhouetted teenagers throwing popcorn out of a bucket at a movie theater (as teens so often do).   One of the characters has hair kind of like April’s propeller bun but with a giant muppet mouth.  One of them has a Darryl Smythe kind of sticking-up hair.  One character has glasses and long hair (not quite Gordon Mayes).  One has a slackjaw look to him (could be Michael or Gerald Delaney-Forsythe).   None of them are exact matches for the Patterson profiles or the profiles of their friends.   This is very minimal art from Lynn and shows an astounding lack of favorite characters.  How do they expect to sell this?

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