Steffi (bcrowessteffi) wrote in binky_betsy,

Watch Your Head - reboot

I was wondering - does anyone else in this community read the strip "Watch Your Head"?

For those unfamiliar, it was a strip about a group of students at a fictional historically Black college. In the beginning, it was a funny strip featuring characters that were believable and enjoyable to read about.

As it went on, though, the creator seemed to lose direction of where he was going. The low point to me - and I think to many - was when the main character's ex-girlfriend died. He had been texting with her during a date with his current girlfriend, and she was portrayed as being unreasonable for asking him to knock it off. It turned out one of those texts was urgent, and he got it too late.

However, it was never explained how she died, and she was never mentioned again. The creator later said that he was dealing with the death of a friend at the time, and that as time went on, he just didn't feel like dealing with it anymore.

Eventually he kind of wrote the characters into a corner. He dealt with it by ending the strip, and is now rebooting it as web only. It's the same characters, but different situations and characterizations.

Obviously this reminds me of another strip - one where the creator seemed to run out of things to do with the main characters, so she started it over from scratch.

I guess I just don't get it. I can totally understand how you might run out of steam on a long running strip. But, instead of starting over with the same characters but different stories, how about have new characters in different stories? I just don't understand it.

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