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Lynn’s No-Fail Turkey Recipe

As usual, I will quote and comment although I am not quoting the recipe part.

Lynn’s friend Brenda runs an event-planning business, Meehan & Associates, in Las Vegas. Brenda recently shared Lynn’s no-fail, make-ahead turkey recipe on her blog, Practically Perfect Planner. Check it out for yourself!

A little backstory on Lynn and I…we’ve been friends for almost 25 years!

That means 1989, so about 5 years after Lynn moved to Corbeil.

While living in the same Northern Ontario town of North Bay…I had the privilege to work on many community projects with this down to earth, incredibly funny Canadian celebrity.

You have to put this one in perspective. Brenda Meehan runs an event-planning business, so she is probably being hired to do these events. Likewise, Lynn is probably brought in for her celebrity status or being married to Rod, who was known for his community projects.

Through laughs and lunches, the two of us became fast friends.

Brenda writes a lot like Lynn does. No wonder they get along.

Years ago, Lynn had a guest chef visiting her that showed her a few tricks of the trade!

Remember chef Robin Masuda on whom Lynn based her character of Keith Enjo and with whom Lynn traded time in her lake cabin for a few cooked meals a few summers ago?

The original story

The recent reference

It appears this is actually Robin’s turkey recipe, which is being passed on as Lynn’s. He’s getting credit, except for the part where you actually mention the guy’s name.

To serve your bird Lynn’s way, all you have to do is prepare your turkey the way you would traditionally…but do it a few hours earlier!

It goes more into the method which I will not reproduce. Aside from wrapping up the turkey in tin foil and then heating it up later to serve it, it’s not really so much a recipe as a way for someone else to cook and prepare a turkey in advance for Lynn to serve later in the day.  It sounds perfect for Lynn who would most likely hire someone to cook the turkey for her and then serve it to others.


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