howtheduck (howtheduck) wrote in binky_betsy,

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This is Gerald. This is Gerald on drugs.

Panel 1: 8 Booms. 3 Fwaps. 2 Whakkas. A measure of what appears to be 13 / 8 time with its 5 quarter notes and 3 eighth notes. Offhand, I would say a little too much drum.

Panel 2: Much to my disappointment, Luis is not beret guy from April’s birthday, but in his one and only panel appearance, he appears to have the same skin tone as Eva. He seems to be holding up pretty well considering Gerald calls him “hot” and April, in an unusual no-leg look, winks at him, and has a left arm headed toward and hidden behind Luis' backside and Duncan, with a wry grin, is looking directly at Luis' backside and may even be rear-ending him. Ménage à quatre, anyone? The most amazing part is that Luis appears to be using music, when none of his fellow musicians use music. I thought they all played by ear.

Panel 3: Gerald drops the drumsticks, steps in front of the drums and does air-drumming in an apparent imitation of Tom Cruise, and declares once again the bizarre belief in this strip that you can’t be a band without a keyboardist. Eva has turned into tambourine girl. Duncan has got a major receding hairline going. Either that or he has decided Mushmouth of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids has a happening hairstyle. April, suddenly realizing that the band has to come up with a new name pronto in order to do the battle of the bands competition and associated Becky-taunting before the end of June, brings Gerald back to another majour plot point—band name.

Panel 4: You know, we snarkers made fun of this name “4Evah and Eva” as one of the stupidest possible choices that the group could make for the new band name. I would like to think that this is a giant shout-out to us. However, considering that Constable Paul Wright’s last name was picked for no other purpose than to make the Mr. Right joke, it is painfully obvious that the only reason Eva has the name Eva was to set up this joke. I suppose we should be grateful they went with Eva instead of Eva Amen. You can tell Gerald and April run this group, as Gerald manhandles Eva with the tacit approval of April. Duncan and Luis say nothing, much to their credit.

Panel 5: “It fits on the drum!” Well, I suppose it could if “and Eva” was done in little tiny letters. From this view, I suddenly realize that Luis’ keyboard is actually an electric piano, and not a synthesizer. I am getting a 1960s musical flashback, baby.
Tags: 4-evah and eva, howtheduck

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