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The Updated Studio Tour

I will go through it and make comments, as is my wont:

So..what's new?
An update!
Like so many of my friends, I’m not retired...I am just reinventing myself! My drafting table is no longer dedicated to the production of comic strips, but I am doing a lot of cartoons. Here’s what’s happening:

And we will find out exactly what Lynn means when she says she is doing a lot of cartoons.

Katie Joins the Crew
Two years ago, my daughter, Katie came to work with me (on books, calendars and revised comic strips), and with her own art background, brought some wonderful new ideas.

“Two years ago”? What? Try about 7 years ago when Katie stepped in after the divorce and was put on the staff. Why in the world is Lynn saying 2 years ago? Does it only count for employment if you produced grandbabies (which did happen about 2 years ago)?

After digitizing some illustrations in order to preserve them, she suggested we do some collages and perhaps some "patterns" just for fun. Since then, I have been having a great time drawing animals and fish — just funny creatures that, with Kevin’s help, have become fabric patterns.

And there you have it. Lynn’s new cartoons are fabric patterns, but she has to have Kevin Strang step in and color and fabric up for her.

A Travelling Show
When folks at the Art Gallery of Sudbury asked if I would consider doing a large FBorFW show — to include work I had done before the comic strip and anything I was doing now, I suddenly saw a way to make these fabric patterns actually come to life.

No, Lynn. The Art Gallery of Sudbury wanted your stuff to open their new gallery. It was a clear bid on their part to get you to donate a substantial sum of money which failed.  Here is the original article on the subject:

Since then they decided to call it the Franklin Carmichael Art Gallery and the Carmichael family contributed the money.

The new gallery is set to open now in 2017 and not next year. Sorry Lynn but there is no telling if that agreement with you is still in place. My internet searches for Lynn Johnston and the Art Gallery of Sudbury are coming up with nothing on an exhibit next year.

New Projects:
With the help of Kathryn Brenne, a local fashion designer who works with Vogue Pattern Magazine, and her assistant, Malia Janveaux, some fun but classy outfits for men, women and children are being designed and made up. Kathryn and Malia are working freelance out of Kathryn's studio. Both Kathryn and Malia are graduates of Ryerson University's Fashion Design program. The pieces they create will be shown next year at the gallery along with a large assortment of work, which is now being catalogued and assembled.

This one is a little confusing. There is a link on the name Kathryn Brenne which sends you off to The Academy of fine Sewing and Design and calls it a school. I didn’t quite get why their work would be featured with Lynn’s until I realized that they must be doing something with Lynn’s fabric patterns. As to whether this is anything more than Lynn taking a sewing class and putting her class materials into her touring stuff, I do not know.

As for the cataloging and assembling, that’s the archive project I think. However, the methods that Stephanie has written about are a far cry from preparing work for an exhibit.

This will be a touring show — which has already been spoken for by several galleries in Canada and the United States.

No names. No believe.

The Toon Team 2014:
This is keeping us all busy and entertained. When I say "us all," I have to describe the studio as it is today: Working with me every day is Katie Hadway, artist and business manager.

I think this is first time I have seen them use Katie’s married name on this website.

Kevin Strang works freelance colouring the designs and creating the fabric patterns using a process called "wallpapering." Kevin does a lot of stuff, but he'll tell you about that later.

Yeah, I that wallpapering is something I can do on my computer too.

Stephanie Van Doleweerd, who is also freelance, creates and maintains our website. She, along with her partner, Greg, are working with us to archive and protect all of my original art — a process which is complicated and sometimes exhausting. This is why I haven't done it. I am so lucky to have people around me who care!

Lynn doesn’t do complicated and exhausting, and pretty much admits here that she does not do anything with the archival.

Being a Grandma!
With the help of Kate, Kevin, Steph, Greg, Kathryn, and Malia I am keeping myself occupied, happy and productive.
I've been travelling, painting, and generally enjoying life without the deadlines involved in producing FBorFW.
I also look after the grand kids (as often as possible), which is a joy and a privilege. That’s about it!

“as often as possible”. Here is yet another little dig at Katie for not giving Lynn enough grandparent time and yet another indication that Lynn really does consider Elly Patterson to be the model for grandparenting.  On the other hand, I would be more impressed with a grandparent who actually named her grandkids and didn’t look so awkward in the photo with them, like being around grandma is something they are not used to.

Cheers for now...

Lynn J.


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