howtheduck (howtheduck) wrote in binky_betsy,

Lynn (and others) at the Reuben Awards

Tom Heintjes posted his usual batch of pictures at the Reuben Awards. There are some good pictures of Lynn Johnston where she seems to be unaware of (i.e., not mugging for) the camera. If she was aware of the camera, mugging did occur and there are some of those pictures too.

It looks like she presented an award, which she somehow failed to mention in her own write-up of the Reubens. False modesty or too drunk to remember? The picture could go either way.

Also, there is one picture of her sitting by John McMeel (her publisher) during dinner. I have the feeling the conversation with McMeel that evening had less to do with Reubens and more to do with why he should publish her 5th treasury edition. Ironically McMeel is taking a drink in the picture, which is probably what I would be doing if I were in his shoes.

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