howtheduck (howtheduck) wrote in binky_betsy,

Thursday, May 18

‘an count = 2

Panel 1: Apparently Gerald and Edgar are going to go on a ride with Dr. Patterson to see what his new car can do. Eva and April’s eyes are all on Gerald as he asks permission to do this, since their eyes are not actually on their own heads.

Panel 2: The new car appears to have an exhaust problem, the muffler doesn’t seem to work, and the engine is making an odd noise of “Whum, Whummm Whummm!” Off hand I would tell Dr. Patterson to get his station wagon to the repairman. This passage has moved to a narrator, presumably Eva since we see the “’an” and April is referenced. If so, once again, Eva continues her cowboy analogy, although how she knows what is going on without being there I do not know. “They’ve whipped their steed to a frenzy an’-they’re off!!” I suppose they might have done that before they went driving, but in front of Dr. Patterson? Ew!!

Panel 3: The Crevasse is moving so fast the speed lines come from the side panel wall. That is pretty clever. The curved-in wheels of the hover car remind me a little of Speed Buggy. Once again, Eva’s analogy fails as cowboys did not actually scream toward freeways, daring guys to pass. She is now channeling her racecar analogy.

Panel 4: The big showdown is in front of a burger, subs, and beer place, where the cars are parked sideways in front of the building, except for the furthermost right and left cars, which are parked in random directions. You would think a dentist would have a better class of friends than a couple of teenagers and beer and burger guys, nevertheless, the men Dr. Patterson is trying to impress are:
1. A large man with his hat turned backwards and his sleeves rolled up, who says, “Sweet.”
2. A short, armless man who is either standing on tiptoe or hovering, who says, “Turbocharged, intercooled an’ twin overhead cam.” I supposed it is important to have someone recite the characteristics of the engine.
3. A man with a receding hairline who says not only, “I’m impressed” but also “Check out the intake. You can hear her breathe.” That’s a little suggestive, but I’ll let it pass.
4. Gerald who says both “How’s she on gas?” and “Bonus” in response to Dr. Patterson’s answer to his question. Yes, I can just see teenaged Gerald being concerned about gas mileage. He’s that kind of guy.
5. Dr. Patterson with his hands on the car, no doubt to keep it from hovering away.
6. Duncan who says, “Dude!” for no apparent reason.
7. Fat, extremely small-headed man, who appears to be headed inside for more belly-growing, head-shrinking burgers, subs, and beer.
Tags: cowboys, crevasse, howtheduck, slang

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