howtheduck (howtheduck) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tuesday, May 16

The Last Phonefight at the FOOB Corral

Panel 1:: Gabby Eva explains the reasons for the battle looming 2 panels in our future, with the usual odd language choices “hard-riding” for “rough-riding”, and “bull-talking” for “tall tale telling” and “gun-toting” for “rooting tooting”. Gabby April questions Gabby Eva’s choice of descriptive language. The boys appear friendly at first.

Panel 2: Then there is the “call” to slap leather.

Panel 3: Judge Roy Gerald and Durango Duncan slap leather and close their eyes for the slaughter to come.

Panel 4: Gabby Eva answers Gabby April’s panel 1 question by saying that Judge Roy Gerald had to be fast on the draw, otherwise he would have lost the phonefight with Durango Duncan, who now lies sprawled in the dust, the sad victim of his own slow reflexes.

That’s how things are in Milborough, where the men are cowboys, and the women are silhouettes, and the jokes are made at the sacrifice of any common sense or knowledge of how cell phones and phone calls in general, actually work. Please tell me we are not going to have cowboy metaphors all week.
Tags: cowboys, howtheduck

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